Arnaud Ruckebusch

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I got interested in computers already in college and in high school where I learned to code in BASIC on my TI-89 with a friend. Before entering the ISTY I already move far away from the "Site du Zero" and the closer to IT sciences were my courses, the better were my marks and my performance. My competitive mindset is intact after 10 years of Cross-Country bike racing. Competition helped me to be mentally strong and surpass me in everything I start.

2014 - Last Year of IT Engineer - Laval University (Canada)
2012 - Entering IT Engineer School - ISTY
2010 - Preparatory Class - ISTY
2010 - Baccalaureat S - option SI - maths specialization
2010 - Maths regional rally – bronze medal


Programming (web)

Javascript (+JQuery)


scrit shell


Symfony 2


French - Mothertongue
English - TOEIC 940

What I do

This is part of my diffenrents skills acquired through my work experiences


I am independant in my work. I can analyse and face problems and calmly resolve them.

Team Work

I really appreciate teamwork. A great emulation in a workgroup is often behind a good project. Stronger together !

Coding Style

I know how to follow a codding style chart. I'm aware of a lot of best practice in web development.


I like to invest myself in the development process of a project and to follow it.

Project Management

I have been already leading several different projects and I am used to assign tasks with proper timing for completion.

Customer Needs

I 'm trained to listen to customers, understand their needs and provide them with optimal solutions.

  There are 10 types of people in the world
The ones who know the binary and the others.  

Professional Experiences

My different work experiences has taught me to work effectively both in groups and individually, developped my sense of service, and improved my adaptation capacity


Web Development on Redcurrents Project - Using Symfony 2

ISTY Junior Services

Founding Member - Head of Information Systems


Bicycles sales and customer services (incl. assembling)

DSM - Nutritional Products

IT department (stuff repair, database update, inventory management) - English

  A programmer puts two glasses on his bedside table before going to sleep.
A full one, in case he gets thirsty, and an empty one, in case he doesn't.  

Other Interests

I have been in a cycling club for 10 years with a real taste for competition, overtaking and self-knowledge. Among all victories and cups, my best memory is the junior race of the French Championship in 2010.

During my spare time I also like to read (futuristic or epic fairytales) or play video games (League of Legends and other strategic games).

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Arnaud Ruckebusch